About Us

about spam hawaii

SPAM® products were first created by Hormel Foods Corporation in 1937 but it wasn't introduced to the Hawaiian islands until World War II.  There was a demand for SPAM® products during the war due to its extended shelf life and because it didn’t require refrigeration. After the war was over the people of Hawaii continued to use SPAM® products in their daily cooking.  It could be prepared to fit breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Hawaii consumes more SPAM® products per capita than any other state!  If you have been to Hawaii then you know how popular it is in the islands. Since it's introduction, Hawaii has gone crazy for SPAM® products! Its popularity grew quickly here partly because it goes so well with rice, another staple in the islands. The famous SPAM® Musubi was created in the 1980's and now it is served in most convenience stores and grocery markets around the islands. SPAM® products are served in many restaurants including McDonalds, Zippys and L&L Drive-In. Hawaii celebrates their love of the meat with the annual SPAM JAM® Waikiki Festival. This event fills the streets of Waikiki with SPAM® brand lovers from all parts of the world who get to sample new SPAM® product recipes and enjoy live music.

We recently started the SPAM® Hawaii Brand in 2015 to share our love and appreciation of the popular meat.  We’ve worked hard to create unique designs that express our islands' love of the SPAM® brand.